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Welcome to Our Website! Our products and training workshops correspond to and are compatible with the eight basic learning methods of children: 1) Words, 2) numbers, 3) pictures and images, 4) music, 5) physical expression, 6) experiences with nature, 7) self-understanding and 8) social interaction. *

*Howard Gardner, "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, (New York Basic Books, 1993)
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James W. Shepherd - M.A. Ed. - President, Graduate of Harvard University, Pepperdine University. Taught public school for many years and has been an award-winning adult training specialist. Over 30 years experience in childhood education and the ways children learn being well versed in creating learning-style experiences for children.
"Preparing Children For Life"
Knowledge Made Simple , Inc. is "Preparing Children For Life" . We are the Trusted Authority in creating and delivering early learning development products which extend our customers' capabilities to accelerate children's language development, cognitive understanding and assists in teaching the 40 basic concepts every young child should know.
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